International fashion industry vet Emma Britton Carter founded Beam Beauty Brand with a whole lot of wisdom and a few amendments to conventional beauty standards.

I like to encourage fun and playfulness in a sometimes overly serious world. I don’t take myself too seriously and I don’t take the beauty industry too seriously.  Adorning our outer beauty is a form of accessorizing and expressing ourselves.  That’s it.  It’s not who we are in totality.  The direction we take our personal style should be an extension of how we express ourselves in all areas of life."

Overview of Services


Emma offers a full range of hair services, from cuts to color to specialized treatments. Dreaming of beaming your naturally gorgeous color? Ask about the Silver Fox Process.



Whether you seek a quick beauty tune up or total overhaul, Emma will help you hone your most confident, radiant self through a fresh  look. Lessons and shopping lists also available.



Your wedding day isn't a day for beauty experimentation- chose a makeup artist with street cred.  Emma is celeb approved and has an upbeat attitude that will melt your jitters.



Festivities are Emma's absolute forte.  Whether you are tying the knot or getting back out there for the first time in a decade, any occasion can be celebrated with a fresh look and friends.

Meet Emma Britton Carter

Emma Britton Carter's introduction to the fashion industry began at Cosmopolitan Magazine under the leadership of legendary beauty icon Helen Gurley Brown. Her love for the industry was superseded only by her love for connecting with people, and after two years with Cosmopolitan, she began a more personal, tactile career as a hair and makeup artist.

Emma's eye for style and knack for communication were quickly recognized by leaders in the field. She was hired by esteemed makeup artist Bobbi Brown and served as her first protege, which allowed her to stay glued to Bobbi’s side, going to every shoot and assisting with makeup for fashion shoots, fashion shows, or commercials.

She took an active role in in the development of Bobbi's line "Bobbi Brown Essentials" and served as the line's National Makeup Artist.

Emma went on to apply her makeup and styling skills to the pages of Marie Claire, Vogue [American, British, Italian, L'Uomo editions], Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Mademoiselle, Self, Shape, YM and Paper magazines; all publications that stake their industry authority on artistic distinction.

Her talent has been trusted by familiar names such as James Taylor, Lou Reed, Cyndi Lauper, Andie McDowell, Ilianna Douglas, Kathy Bates, Vincent Perez, Minnie Driver and Leonardo Dicaprio and by catalog marketers such as J.Crew, Macy’s, and Bloomingdales. She’s been involved with well known ad campaigns for Dewar’s Scotch, Swatch, and Keds. Too, such designers as Richard Tyler, Ellen Tracy, Emmanuel Ungaro, Mary McFadden, and Pixie Yates have asked Emma to create make-up “looks” for advertising and runway collections.

Emma's experience grounded her perspective on beauty. "I saw that the general public viewed images of women in fashion magazines as a representation of what we are all supposed to look like.  I view fashion as an artistic expression, a type of theater.  Working on photo shoots was a creative collaboration by a team who brought together models, fashion stylists with clothes & accessories, hair & makeup artists, props, photographers, lighting, fans, and so on.  These were big, expensive productions.  Today I use my energy to encourage clients to express individual personality, rather than to copy looks that a group of creatives put together for a “theatrical” expression. No two beauties are alike."


Noteworthy Clients


Brigitte Moynahan
Heidi Klum
Martha Stewart
Leo DiCaprio
Sarah Michelle Geller
Elle Macpherson
Niki Taylor
Beri Smither
Amber Valetta
James Taylor
Lou Reed
Cyndi Lauper
Andie McDowell
Ilianna Douglas
Kathy Bates
Vincent Perez
Minnie Driver



Sports Illustrated
Marie Claire
Vogue [American, British, Italian, L'Uomo editions]


Dewar’s Scotch
Richard Tyler
Ellen Tracy
Emmanuel Ungaro
Mary McFadden
Pixie Yates